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Ask us for a travel quote in France, to get a tailor-made, free quote trip to France for your business travel quote. Whether you’re planning a school trips to France, a business trip to France or a group trip, our agency will help you organise everything. Séjours Agency is a French agency that helps secondary schools travel in France. Whether in Bordeaux, Paris, Marseille or on the coast, we will organise your stay in France. Our travel agency in France will organise your return flight, with Séjours Agency Voyages.

And, accommodation in a host family, hotel, residence or campus. We’ll also organise all your activities in France. For example, you can visit the Eiffel Tower, see the site of Saint Malo, discover the vineyards of Bordeaux, visit French châteaux, spend a day at Disneyland Paris, etc.

So, make your request for an online travel quote or business travel quote, so that you can receive our free quote proposal for your future stay in France as part of your school trip to France, or your company trip to France (group, seminar, etc).

travel agency in France, school trips to France

School trip to France

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A school trip to France will help your students (secondary school pupils) discover the country of France. And French culture, the French language and French heritage.

In fact, a school trip to France is a trip rich in culture. Students will be able to discover Paris and French museums. Such as the Louvre, Orsay, Orangerie and Rodin museums. 

But travelling in France also means discovering French food. French baguettes, French croissants, duck, raclette, blanquette, quiche lorraine.  Shepherd’s pie, onion soup, foies gras, shepherd’s pie, coq au vin, steak tartare, oysters etc. 

school trips to France, travel agency in France

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Make your professional seminar in France for your professional event. Our seminar organisation in France will help you organise a tailor-made seminar to suit your needs and requirements. Our French agency will offer you professional accommodation for all your employees. And, conference rooms, transport to and from the venue and also on site. As well as meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). And, if you wish, a programme of activities and excursions. These activities can be tailored to your company’s needs or can simply enable you to learn more about the destination and therefore France. So ask for an online travel quote.

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Travel agency in France

Travel agency to Paris

Séjours agency is a French agency that helps companies and professionals organise their trips to France. Our French agency is a destination specialist. So you can get the best quote for your school trip to France, online travel quote or group trip to France.

travel agency in France, school trips to France

Quote trip

Quote trip to France

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Business travel to France – School trips to France – Quote trip abroad

Our travel agency, which specialises in group travel, offers school trips, educational trips and business trips.

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